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Our mediators are trained and meet Hong Kong family and general mediation accreditation requirements (HKMAAL) covering knowledge and skills in negotiation and dispute resolution.  Our mediators :-

  • neither evaluate, adjudicate nor judge

  • do not take sides with any party to the dispute

  • maintain confidentiality

  • are child focus where children are involved

  • do not provide legal advice or offer solutions

  • do not offer counselling or psychotherapy but may suggest such services

  • do not make decisions for you but help you to assess feasibility or reality test

  • Joyce Cheung

Joyce is a family mediator in training, accumulating practice hours required for accreditation by HKMAAL. She offers reduced mediation fees and conducts family mediation jointly with a family mediation supervisor. Joyce has experience in real estate and investment banking and has practiced as a litigation lawyer. She is familiar with the civil litigation procedures in Hong Kong. Joyce is one of our practicing counsellors and a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator.

  • Mathew Ho

Mathew is a general and family mediator accredited by HKMAAL and its predecessors since 2011. His mediation practice covers all sorts of disputes between family members, workplace colleagues and business partners. He has legal background with intimate knowledge of family, commercial and litigation law. He is also one of our practicing counsellor and marriage and family therapist.

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