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St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service


Mediation provides supportive and practical steps to identify solutions and reach settlement on disputes that is responsive to the needs of the parties in dispute.

If there is any breakdown in your family or significant relationships; and you are unable, but need, to resolve the impasse and differences in order to move on with your lives, you and your significant relationship may consider using our family mediation services. This can be done before or during any litigation process.

Scope of Mediation Services

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Our mediation services includes mediating disputes arising in various different contexts such as family, workplace, neighborhood and even commerce.  Our  mediation service is oriented towards family and relationship issues.  Topics include (but not limited to) relationships, finances, workplace disputes, separation, divorce, parenting, succession and businesses.

We use facilitative and transformative mediation approaches.  We make no evaluations, nor submit reports and opinions. We do not accept appointments where parties are mandated by others to come to mediation.

Family Matters

Disputes may arise between couples, immediate and extended family members which require resolution or which is producing a toxic family environment in the nuclear or extended family. We can mediate such disputes.


In a competitive commercial environment, disputes arising between co-workers and team members and supervisors may arise. Normal HR channels or managerial hierarchy may be absent, or insufficient to handle such disputes. A third party neutral might be used to facilitate communications and understanding to resolve workplace disputes so that the organisation can concentrate on its mission or commercial objectives.


The family court of Hong Kong encourages divorcing couples to go through the mediation process to resolve disputes around ongoing arrangements for their children (custody, care and control and access) and ancillary relief for spouses and children (maintenance payments and division of assets).

Other Matters

Apart from the above, most disputes between parties in conflict can be mediated if the dispute is not purely about the truth of any belief, or value, and if the conflicting parties would like to seek solutions to the conflict. Please enquire to see if we can be  of assistance for the dispute that you have in mind.


Where parents cannot resolve their different parenting styles or expectations of how to parent their children, our mediators can help to facilitate a co-parenting process that is mutually acceptable to the parents.  This can be done irrespective of the marital status of the parents or whether they are undergoing divorce.

Parent Coordination is usually prescribed post divorce where parents continue to experience high conflict or are having problems interpreting or implement court orders. The parent coordinator will assist parties to reach agreement by direct negotiation, psycho-education talks, mediation or formal recommendation to the courts.  We provide parent coordination services which uses a family mediation process. We will not accept appointments by the courts; nor will we make recommendations or submit reports to the courts, either parent or any third party.

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